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What is the Academy of Voice?

Welcome to the Academy of Voice, a new online system for intensive vocal education and training designed by expert Vocal Coach and Founder Dr. Emily Anna Bridges, Ph.D.  Unlike other internet voice teaching sites, the training at AoV is built on powerful yet healthy Classical voice techniques that have been used to bring out the best voices in their students by expert teachers for hundreds of years. 

Learning with video voice lessons and practicing with custom-fit vocal exercises made just for your voice can definitely take your singing to the next level, no matter where you are starting out, and no matter what styles of music you love to sing. Anyone from beginners to experts will benefit from this customized, deep, and transformational vocal work.

How Can I Get Started? 

Log into your dashboard (you can always do this using the button at the upper right hand corner of our site, www.academyofvoice.com).

In your dashboard you'll see something called Virtual Voice Coach, which has a welcome video. After you play that, hit the "continue button."

Keep moving through the steps and levels of the Virtual Voice Coach... the cards will change and take you through 12 different levels. There is actually a LOT of content here, many videos, learning materials, and other helpful guidance to help you learn, train, and practice all in one place, and in the right order.

What's the Virtual Voice Coach?

Virtual Voice Coach is a series of videos, text, quizzes, and other activities that will take you through the course and show you what to do next. VVC will tell you what videos to watch, when to do your Voicessment, show you how to use the VTrain Practice App, tell you when to make recordings and reach out for feedback, and give you the guidance you would get in lessons as to what materials to do at what time. It's basically the teacher that takes you through the training.

It's at the very top of your dashboard, make sure not to skip over it. Click the button to continue to the next steps and levels.

What can I do on the AoV platform?

  • Video Voice Lessons - Experience lessons with Dr. Bridges in her voice studio. Learn about vocal health and anatomy, how training works, what to focus on as you learn your exercises, how to practice, and what you need to do in order to make your voice healthy, strong and beautiful. Her first course, Foundations in Vocal Training, teaches you all the exercises you need to know, along with a deep foundation in voice, covering all of the elements that make your singing sound beautiful and engage your audience on a deeper level. You will learn more about how to protect your vocal health, how to connect with your audience, how to deal with stage fright, how to interpret and express your songs more effectively, and how to practice in a way that makes all of these things not only achieveable but inevitable in your singing.

  • Voicessment and Vocal Profile Report - Get your baseline, discover more about your voice, and quantify your progress with this cutting-edge vocal benchmarking test. After a few months of training you can take it again and see how your voice changed. Your exercises will adapt to fit your voice as it grows. Your progress can be a great motivator to train frequently and get amazing results faster. 

  • VTrain Vocal Training Practice System - The VTrain Practice System was designed to be a portable, user-friendly, and convenient way to get access to all of your exercises including the Custom-Fit Vocal Training Exercises, made just for your voice's range and experience level with cutting edge algorithms that elegantly fit and challenge your voice. Packed with graphics, videos, and all the information you need to do your exercises, you can use VTrain to practice anywhere as long as you have your smart phone. There is even a Repertory Practice Area where you can load lyrics, recordings and even sheet music PDFs into your account so that you can seamlessly warm up with your exercises, practice your songs, and cool down your voice in one complete practice. With everything in one place, it's easy to get more practices into your week and make faster progress!

Can you help me transform my voice?

YES! Each voice is unique, and AoV was created to give each voice its own Custom-Fit Exercises that will start out in a comfortable place in your range and then provide your voice with enough challenge so that your range and strength and intensity can grow in a healthy way for your own voice. The programming that underlies these exercises is based on algorithms created from years of data collected from hundreds of different kinds of voices in Dr. Bridges' studio. Her teaching methods have worked for many students with no prior musical background or education, and can help even the most developed voice grow further. If you are looking to learn from the ground up, or for a tune-up after years of vocal inactivity, you are in the right place.

Can you really help anyone sing better?

While each person's voice is unique, there are also a lot of fundamental commonalities across voices because of the importance of the voice in human evolution. Almost everyone is born with the capacity to sing, and the voice is an organ built of muscles, tendons and cartilage. Like the rest of the body, the larynx responds to exercise. Just as exercising your body at the gym will lead to gradual, consistent improvement, so too will any voice improve if given the proper instruction and trained with the proper custom fit exercises.

AoV will give you everything you need to make that improvement happen. You just need to make time in your schedule for lessons and practices, and make your vocal training a personal priority, consistently practicing in order to see the best results.

Can I get live 1:1 online vocal coaching?

YES. Dr. Bridges is working with coaching clients live on Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet or Facetime, and is available to schedule sessions with you!

If you're interested in Coaching please inquire in the white and blue chat bubble at the bottom right of this page. Make sure to include a good number to reach you and a generally good time to call. We'll be in touch with more information so you can get registered and scheduled for SmartSinger or SmartSpeaker Sessions.

I Need to Cancel My Subscription. How do I do that?

We hate to see you go, but canceling is easy. Just write us in the chat window here to the bottom right. We will take care of it ASAP!

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